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Quagliato Advogados
Corporate Law

Quagliato Attorneys is engaged in Corporate Law, in the defense of the clients’ interests, in the most diverse branches and rendering the most distinct services, amongst which:
  • Orientations and opinions concerning corporate law issues
  • Draft shareholders agreements;
  • Draft and/or amendment of articles of association and bylaws;
  • Draft of minutes of quotaholders’ meeting;
  • Draft of unincorporated joint ventures [consórcios];
  • Creation of associations;
  • Structure of joint ventures;
  • Orientation and elaboration of corporate reorganization projects;
  • Consulting of minority or majority of quotaholders in corporate suits;
  • Constitution of off shore companies;
  • Due diligences in companies being purchased or in other processes that demand such activity;
  • Merging, spinoff and incorporation of companies;
  • Elaboration of any corporate document necessary to the good development of the corporation
Quagliato Advogados