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In the corporative scope, compliance is the complex of disciplines to fulfill the law and the regulations, the policies and the guidelines established for the business or company, as well as preventing and healing any unconformity that may occur. The technical name used in Portuguese is “aderência à norma”.

With the implementation of a compliance culture in the company, any possible deviation regarding to the internal policies can be identified and prevented. With this, partners and investors have the security that their investments and orientations will be managed detailed according to guidelines.

Our office is prepared to develop customized policies of compliance to the sector and complexity of the activities of the company, in accordance with the international requirements and the Brazilian law.

Amongst the developed activities, we highlight:
- Previous Due diligence for the implementation of compliance policies, aiming at the conformity of the current commercial practices of the company to the current law;

- Implementation or review of the compliance policies, involving the elaboration of internal policies of the company and codes of ethics and behavior, anticorruption rules and proceedings, face-to-face and online training, creation of denunciation channel and institutionalization of control mechanisms.

- Consulting to clients in administrative, civil and criminal investigations and proceedings, before public agencies, including consulting in leniency agreements, plea bargaining rights, behavior adjustment agreements and others.
Quagliato Advogados